Fits into standard Ford F-350 single or dual rear wheel pickup truck with a utility body FHWA calibration protocol compliant Air temperature, pavement surface, temperature, Distance Measuring Instrument (DMI) and 4 segmented 300 mm loading plate with swivel (to accommodate uneven or ruutted pavement surfaces) are standard on the Dynatest TMD


Non-destructive test device One person operational Accurate and fast (up to 60 test points/hr) Wide loading range FWD/TMD 1,500–27,000 lbf (7–120 kN) Designed for multi-purpose pavement applications, ranging from unpaved roads to airfields Excellent repeatability Ideal for mechanistic/analytical design approaches


Differential Global Positioning System (GPS) Right of Way and/or pavement video in standard or high definition Forward or transverse and forward deflector extension bars for joint testing Automated transport locks 15 active deflectors (7 are standard) Safety lighting to customer specifications

To optimize product life, Dynatest evolved the vehicle design to enable relatively straightforward conversion /interchangeability to a new vehicle at the completion of original vehicle life cycle, or to a trailer-mounting if preferred. The Dynatest Truck Mounted Deflectometer (TMD) is particularly suitable for test environments requiring overall shorter length testing platforms (without losing deflection bowl coverage) or in which stand-alone vehicle purchases or vehicle-trailer operations are problematic.

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