Dynatest developed the first commercially available Heavy Weight Deflectometer (HWD). The HWD is highly versatile and can be used to test on both rigid, paver block and flexible pavements on roads and airports. The HWD can apply a loading in the range of 30-320kN, enabling it to simulate vehicle loading from to the most extreme aircraft wheel load such as the Boeing 777, the Airbus 340 or 380.

Modular systems, such as paint sprayer and safety signs can be activated through the field program

2 COM ports to allow the trailer processor to be interrogated setup and diagnosis purposes, locally or via the internet

320kN (others have higher loading)

Output Links to ELMOD

Connects to both IDS and GSSI GPR, most just connect to GSSI

Pass both CROW and TRL correlation trials

Support and backup

The HWD is foldable to a maximum height of 1,6 meters and maximum length of 2,7 meters allowing for easy transportation by air

HWD Specifications


Heavy Weight Deflectometer (HWD)

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