Falling weight deflectometer (FWD) from Dynatest.

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Dynatest is the original commercial developer of the Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) technology and is the world’s largest supplier of FWD deflection based equipment. The FWD is designed to impart a load pulse to the pavement surface simulating the load produced by a rolling vehicle wheel. The load is produced by dropping a large weight onto a set of rubber buffers on a bracket connected to a circular load plate. A load cell mounted on top of the plate measures the imparted load. Deflection sensors (geophones) mounted in and radially from the center of the load plate measure the deformation of the pavement in response to the load.

  • The FWD is foldable to a maximum height of 1,6 meters and maximum length of 2,7 meters allowing for easy transportation by air

  • Modular systems, such as paint sprayer and safety signs can be activated through the field program

  • 2 COM ports to allow the trailer processor to be interrogated setup and diagnosis purposes, locally or via the internet
  • Output Links to ELMOD

  • Connects to both IDS and GSSI GPR, most just connect to GSSI

  • Pass both CROW and TRL correlation trials

  • Support and backup
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